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Partner Certification Program


The Partner Certification Program is a mutually beneficial workplace wellness recognition program for Austin-based organizations of all types and sizes. It was created by the Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council in 2007 in an effort to inspire nutrition, physical activity, tobacco-free living and mother-friendly policies in workplaces.

To achieve Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council (MHFC) Certification, organizations must have health initiatives that comprehensively address each of the following categories:

  • Tobacco-Free Living
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Health Education & Preventive Services

Partners must achieve a minimum of 10 points in each category to be certified.

Certification Levels

The Partner Application has a total of 100 points.  Employers may achieve certification at three levels:

  • Bronze (50-59 points)
  • Silver (60-69 points, plus tobacco free campus policy)
  • Gold  (70 points and above, plus CEO Cancer Gold Standard)

 All employers receiving partner certification will be recognized at a yearly awards and recognition ceremony.  Partner certification lasts for 2 years.

Benefits to Certification

The benefits to becoming a Mayor’s Health & Fitness Certified Partner (MHFC) are demonstrable in better health, attitude, productivity, individual and organizational performance. Some studies show a long-term return on investment of $6 in return to every $1 on investment in comprehensive wellness programming. Here are some potential direct benefits:

  • Business owners may be able to negotiate lower health, disability, and life insurance rates
  • May experience greater employee productivity and performance
  • May lower healthcare costs over time
  • May absentee rates
  • May improve employee moral

Besides these benefits, as a partner you will receive regular positive recognition and support for your efforts. You will also join a growing network of leaders in Austin who have come together to share best practices and advocate for healthy change in a larger, more impactful way. Here are some ways your organization will be recognized after certification:

  • A letter of acknowledgement and plaque
  • Co-branding opportunities
  • Public announcement of partnership
  • MHFC website recognition
  • Recognition at public MHFC events
  • Invitations to quarterly MHFC meetings
  • Invitation to local Austin Business Group on Health
  • Expert counsel and support from MHFC members

How to Apply

Step 1: Contact the MHFC to express your interest in getting certified. A member will follow up with you shortly to offer assistance.  Contact us at

Step 2:
Complete an employee-based health assessment tool, within the year prior to applying for certification. For organizations without an assessment tool, the Austin Fitness Index (AFI) has been developed by the MHFC as a free online tool for organizations to use in order to meet this requirement.

Step 3:
Review your health assessment results. Work with leadership at your organization to implement the initiatives that will address the health needs of constituents and foster certification. You may already have enough qualifying health initiatives in place and thus, may not need to create anything new.

Step 4:
Implement the needed initiatives (or continue current ones) and identify them in this application.

Step 5:
Complete and submit your application to the MHFC for review.

 Step 6:
The Executive Committee will notify you of your award, or adjustments needed, and will mail your Letter of Certification, including all of the benefits of certification.

All Certified Partners must apply for re-certification every two years after the award date.